New FDA Regulations & How They Are Affecting Freight Brokers

Being a freight broker means you need to be ready for changes. And the time has come to reconsider some of the practices you are used to since there are new FDA regulations for freight brokers. The following guide will help you understand how some of these regulations are going to affect you.

Basic Hazardous Materials Transportation Training

High security transportation services can move hazardous materials while avoiding potentially dangerous situations. A large number of hazardous materials are shipped by government agencies. They are also outsourced to carriers who maintain their own fleet. These carriers are approved by the concerned agencies. Each agency has its own standard of approval for transporting different kinds of hazardous materials. Read More

Cyber Liability Insurance: Why It Is More Dire Than You Think

A business cannot afford many setbacks, so it is imperative that you do your best to make sure that every possible setback is covered. Some businesses are covered for certain issues that might occur, such as an electrical problem or theft. But one of the most overlooked issues--which also happens to be an increasingly growing threat--is a cyber attack. It is essential that a business secures reliable cyber liability insurance as soon as possible. Read More

A Crash Course On A DOT Regulator Compliance Audit

The transportation industry can be rewarding for all those involved, but that does not mean things will always run smoothly. One of the experiences that many transportation companies have an issue with is dealing with DOT regulatory compliance. Sure, a transportation company understands the importance of compliance audits, but they may not have much experience dealing with them. You can increase your chances of a positive experience by preparing. The following tips will help you do just that.

Advantages Of Having Fleet Insurance

Insurance is an vital component of the transportation costs of both big and small trucking companies. Fleet insurance provides trucking companies with the major opportunity to enhance the safety of their employees, lower insurance costs and still take advantage of as much coverage as the company requires. If theft or a motor vehicle accident renders a company vehicle useless, the loss of revenue can quickly add up and hinder the growth of the business. Having insurance plays a vital role in getting the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. There will also be an assigned professional to help you through the entire process. Reputable insurance companies are committed to delivering consistently outstanding service, especially when it matters most.

The Importance Of The E-logs Tracking System

In the not too distant past, truck drivers were faced with the grueling task of preparing paper logs to record the activities of the day. These included hours driven, length of fuel stops, duration of meal breaks, breakdowns, accidents and where their routes started and ended. Fortunately, the e-log system has been simplifying this burdensome process by tracking the activities of the driver electronically. All the required information is still outlined and recorded; however, the e-log system makes the process more efficient and a lot less hassling for drivers... Read More

Chastain Promoted to Senior Director of Sales

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Reliance Partners, a leading insurance agency, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jordan Chastain to the position of Senior Director of Sales for the transportation division of the company. The company is one of the fastest-growing insurance providers to the trucking and logistics market in the nation.

Creating Corporate Culture

Reliance Partners' President and COO, Chad Eichelberger, speaks with business incubator about what creating company culture looks like and how his company is moving beyond the buzz words.

Eric Campbell Presented with Arch E. Northington Award by the Insurors of Tennessee

Reliance Partners' Eric Campbell recognized as Arch E. Northington Young Insuror of the Year for 2015.

Reliance Appoints New Executives

The fast-growing transportation insurance company has appointed Andrew Ladebauche as CEO, and Chad Eichelberger, formerly of Access America Transport and Coyote Logistics, to president and COO.