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How Shipping Dangerous Goods Can Be Done Safely Jul 28, 2016

Many types of materials ranging from biological hazards to nuclear waste are shipped across the nation daily. Though each cargo has the capacity to do serious harm, a large number of regulations exist so that the threat is kept to an absolute minimum. Shipping dangerous goods under the auspices of the United States Department of Transportation keeps all hazmat transports regulated by federal code, dictating that the contents must be sealed and marked individually so as to provide the smallest element of risk to handler and shipper. This is done under the umbrella of seven separate classes of goods.

Identifying Sound Hazmat Transportation Insurance Jul 20, 2016

Similar to any other industry, there are risks that have to be managed by trucking operations. A huge part of managing these risks is having the right insurance coverage. However, in contrast to a number of other businesses, trucking is both a way and an industry for managers of fleets and owner/operators alike. For this reason, it is extremely essential that truckers have insurance from a company that has in depth knowledge of the particular needs of this segment of the transportation industry.

Understanding MCS90 Insurance Jul 13, 2016

The Motor Carrier Act was developed and passed in 1980. This act was passed by the US Congress in an effort to lessen the large number of regulations that were required of for-hire motor vehicles. The aim was to allow competition among transportation companies. Price competition allowed carrier companies to publish and use their desired rates with regard to freight hauling. In the past they were bound to use the figures passed by the rating bureau.